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What Do Real Estate Agents Do?

What are real estate agents? A real estate agent, real estate broker or realtor is someone who represents buyers or sellers of real estate property. While a real estate agent can work alone, most often an agent will work under a licensed brokerage to represent multiple clients. These agents also work to close the sale of real estate and help those in need to sell their homes. They make all of the arrangements necessary to close the sale and advise their client on all of their options prior to the closing date. These real estate agents can be instrumental in assisting a real estate buyer to find the home of their dreams.

There are a variety of Shelburne realtorswho can assist buyers and/or sellers in finding the right home. An agent can assist the seller with all of the legal documentation required for the transaction and provide the listing agent, the buyer with the unique copy of the deed, lien and mortgage documents as well as escrow instructions and court approval for the sale. It is very important that the seller provide the appropriate paperwork for the transaction. A real estate agent will make sure all of the necessary documents for the transaction are presented to the seller prior to the transaction.

Shelburne real estate agentstake care of much of the legwork for both the buyer and the seller and will keep in close contact with their clients. The buyer will have the opportunity to choose from several different real estate agents and will meet with them in order to get their offers and counteroffer. These agents are there to advise their clients and assist in making an informed decision on what they should purchase or sell. They do this based on their knowledge of the market, the property and their clients' needs.

In order to close the deal, real estate agents consult with buyers and sellers as to what the asking price of the property should be and they may show other properties to the clients to determine what comparable properties in the area are selling for. Some agents also provide their clients with financing options. Most buyers prefer to have financing done through a lender but real estate agents may assist the buyer in finding a lender willing to work with them. If financing is obtained independently through a bank or other lender, then the real estate agents will assist the buyer with applying for the loan.Know more about real estate at

Once the paperwork is received and reviewed by the bank or lender the agents are involved in the closing process. Clients have an initial meeting with the agent where they discuss their objectives for purchasing the property, any contingencies (if any) and obtain any necessary pre-approval paperwork. The agent then goes over the contract with their clients and ensures that it is completed accurately. Once this is done the real estate agents take care of all the closing details including sending out closing notices and invoices to the clients. Clients must be prepared to pay for their own advertising cost for their home. However, if their agent insists that the buyer pay for their marketing efforts it is in the best interest of the buyer to find out exactly how much they will be charged.

Real estate agents often have connections with other sellers or may be able to find buyers for the client. There are also instances where agents help buyers market their homes so when they go to open houses they are well prepared. Most agents keep a large supply of open houses listed so they can quickly move when a specific property becomes available. Real estate agents are an asset to both buyers and sellers.

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